Now that we have your application, we can start working for you. These are the initial steps in the process. One of our consultants will call you for a pre-screening. We submit your application to our client. An application includes the following documents

  • a detailed CV,
  • a completed application form, medical questionnaire and checklists if applicable
  • copies of qualifications,
  • employment certificates,
  • license to practise,
  • passport,
  • 2 reference letters.

Once your application is accepted a Skype interview is set up with the hospital. We will assist you with the interview process. Always remember – this potential employer wants your services otherwise they would not be interviewing you!

After you’ve signed your joboffer we have to get your paperwork going for your visa application. See also visa application procedure. A lot of the paperwork for visa application will be taken over by the consultants at Thymic Europe.

Note that this procedure will vary in time. You may have interviews with different hospitals, depending on vacancies, your experience, timing…